Departments of our company

Our company is organised to the following departments:

The Design - Projects department, is the department that designs and offers the best metal building proposal for every customer.

The Production department, is well equipped with the most advanced tools, machinery and automations, so to construct the design of the projects department, using best practices, according to European and International codes and regulations regarding the construction of the metal buildings.

The construction department, is as well equipped with the state of the art machines and tools (we always use only certified machines and tools), that we use to construct and finalize our projects. We always take good care during the construction procedure so to have a durable, quality oriented building, as well as absolute aesthetic in the completed building.

Our contracting - technical department, undertakes the development of a metal (steel) building from the start, with full inspection of the work during all stages of the construction, from the very beginning of the project to the final completion.

For any information, please contact us using the following communication data, or send us an E-mail.

  Bakolas S.A.
Metal buildings - Mixed constructions
5th Km N.R. Ioannina - Athens
(Klaria area, Bafra) - 45500 IOANNINA
Tel. +30 26510.92154
Fax +30 26510.91950
E-mail: [email protected]

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